Behind the Scenes at Mopec

Behind The Scenes: Crating And Assembly

There is never a down time for Mopec’s production team, as orders are being designed, produced and shipped on a daily basis. Equipment created in our factory is often customized per customer’s request. By the time a customer receives their Mopec equipment, it has passed through our factory to a freighting company, before arriving at their facility. Before equipment has left the factory, our Crating and Assembly team ensures each order is packaged for utmost protection in preparation for the shipping …

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Behind The Scenes: Consumables Warehouse

Providing medical equipment and supplies to multiple industries, Mopec features several warehouses for our vast assortment of products. One of these warehouses stocks a large inventory of accessories, supplies and instruments for pathology, mortuary and anatomy industries. This warehouse utilizes all available space as every box, shelf and palette is labeled clearly by stickers or signs. This well-defined organization allows for quick pulling of customer orders, and in turn yields rapid shipments. Customers should expect to receive orders within 5 …

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Business Insider: Mopec Announces Addition Of New Board Members

OAK PARK, Mich., Jan. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Mopec, an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality pathology, anatomy, mortuary, and necropsy equipment and products, is pleased to announce the addition of Sally Brandtneris and Dr. Joyce deJong to the Company’s Board of Directors. Mopec has a storied history and industry leading reputation of providing American-made, innovative and high-quality equipment and laboratory solutions to a variety of healthcare institutions, medical schools, and research laboratories around the globe. Having served eighty-three countries worldwide, Mopec’s twenty-five …

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Twenty-Five Years of Mopec

Mopec is proud to announce its twenty-fifth year as the leading manufacturer of pathology and autopsy equipment. The Michigan-based company has achieved steady growth with innovative equipment for over two decades. The loyal and devoted Mopec family can be attributed to the constant dedication to customer satisfaction by means of quality product and customized solutions. Mopec, currently located in Oak Park, Michigan, encompasses facilities that cover 60,000 square feet including a fully operational factory, warehouse, and corporate departments. The company has grown tremendously …

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Daily Tribune: Oak Park-Based Mopec Names New Ceo

Jay R. Troger was named CEO at Mopec, a pathology and mortuary equipment manufacturer in Oak Park, according to a statement by the company. Troger has more than 20 years of leadership experience. He was previously CEO of Nextronex, Inc., a manufacturer of utility scale solar inverters. His resume includes serving as president and CEO of Hackney & Sons, Inc.; president of USFlow Corporation and Falcon Waterfree Technologies; president and COO of Greenwood Fuels and CEO, president and director of …

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