Mopec Stainless Steel Pathology, Anatomy, and Mortuary Equipment

Mopec specializes in designing customized solutions for hospitals, universities and morgues.

Mopec Guardian Systems

Guardian Morgue Overflow Cold Storage Container System Rentals

Temporary & Expandable Morgue Solutions from the Experts in Safe and Respectful Decedent Handling

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Mopec Guardian COVID-19 Response
Mopec Guardian Systems

The Mopec Guardian Systems line of equipment and supplies is designed to keep your facility prepared for surge capacity. Featuring Surge Capacity Quick-Deploy Body Storage Equipment, Body Bags, and Personal Protective Equipment, this line of products was engineered to help keep your workers safe and ready for quick response. Whether your community is dealing with COVID-19 surges, natural disasters, or a spike in deaths due to the opioid epidemic, Mopec has the tools you need for preparation, prevention, and protection.

Pathology Grossing Stations

Mopec leads the market in grossing work station solutions. We excel in technology that evolves the safety, ergonomics, imaging and workflow for anatomic pathology labs in medical centers and research facilities.

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Pathology Grossing Work Stations by Mopec

Mopec Anatomy Lab Solutions

Anatomy Lab Solutions & Dissection Tables & Carts

Mopec engineers will work as a partner with your project team to create or renovate your anatomy lab. We can provide ideas and concepts illustrating the workflow through the facility with full 3D rendered models. Our team will provide detailed product information for the end user, facility engineer and contractors. We are also available to provide on-site project assistance and review.

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Pedestal Autopsy Tables & Carts

Mopec’s autopsy tables are quality made with the medical examiner in mind. They allow for increased workflow efficiency during post mortem dissection.

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Mopec Autopsy Pedestal Table

Mopec Autopsy Sinks

Autopsy & Embalming Sinks

Mopec’s Embalming Sinks incorporate all the necessary features for full body embalming with a smooth workflow. Features such as a hot and cold water fixture with a hydro-aspirator that is conveniently located to aspirate any fluids from the body in preparation for embalming and a perimeter rinse that prevents fluids from accumulating anywhere on the surface make Mopec autopsy sinks the perfect choice.

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Body Lifts, Transport, & Cadaver Handling

Safely transporting and handling of cadavers is paramount to maintaining staff safety. Mopec has a wide array of products to support your safe transport and handling needs. Our racks, body trays, carriers pallet systems and lifts all work together seamlessly to provide a safe, convenient experience.

Explore Cadaver Lifts & Body Transport

Mopec Cadaver Lifts & Body Transport

Mopec Cadaver Storage Racks

Cadaver Storage Racks

Mopec offers a large variety of cadaver storage options. Racks range from stationary racks for economical and efficient means of mass storage of cadavers to portable racks to reduce the number of cadaver transfers. Mopec storage racks are designed to grow with your needs and can often be expanded upon in future development.

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Body Coolers & Specimen Refrigeration

Our mortuary refrigerators and freezers consist of walk-in, small door, forensic lab and cadaver lockers. Standard and custom fridge systems are designed to meet morgue and other facility needs.

Explore Cadaver Coolers & Specimen Refrigeration

Mopec Body Coolers & Specimen Refrigeration

Necropsy Labs & Animal Science Equipment

Necropsy Labs & Animal Science Equipment

Necropsy presents a unique challenge with the diversity of specimens. We offer a range of standard animal science equipment and the capability to engineer custom solutions to fit your needs.

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Mopec Laboratory Furniture

Whether it is a cart for evidence or a chair for your pathology work station, Mopec has solutions for your lab furniture needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us to discuss your workspace and we’ll design a solution that fits.

Explore Mopec Laboratory Furniture

Mopec Laboratory Furniture

Mopec Stainless Steel Casework

Stainless Steel Casework

Mopec provides plenty of options for storing specimens or accessories. Whether you have a need for wall mount, base, corner, ventilated or specialty we can assist you with casework. Our cabinets’ height and width can be customized to suit your lab’s needs.

Explore Stainless Steel Casework

Mass Fatality Disaster & Mortuary Response Solutions

Mopec’s Mortuary Response Solutions product line is the perfect fit for any Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT), hospital, or municipality seeking to ensure emergency preparedness. Products include the patented Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System (MERCSystem®) for cadaver cooling and quick-deploy collapsable cadaver storage racks for critical situations.

Explore Mopec Mortuary Response Solutions

Mopec PathCam Imaging Systems

Mopec PathCam Imaging System

The PathCam Imaging System provides all of the features and capabilities you need to add image capturing to your grossing or autopsy process without workflow disruption at a fraction of the cost of third party competitors.

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