Our Mission

As part of Mopec Group, we share the mission of empowering pathology and anatomy professionals with the leading platform of products and solutions for the advancement of diagnostic accuracy, safety, research, education, and the treatment of disease.

About Mopec

From our beginnings, we have been proudly developing, designing, manufacturing, and distributing in the USA. We are the leading experts on anatomic and forensic pathology, allowing us to elevate pathology with the most advanced platform of equipment and supplies for an integrated ecosystem to optimize pathology workflows, specimen tracking, and user safety. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with pathology professionals for over 30 years, developing systems and solutions that facilitate safer gross examinations. As anatomic pathology has evolved, Mopec Group has been at the forefront, getting feedback, improving design, and solving problems.

We are innovators. We are collaborators. We are grossing.

Our Vision

We are the only logical choice for pathology & anatomy professionals.

The Leadership Team

Francis X. Dirksmeier | Chief Executive Officer

Francis X. Dirksmeier, a distinguished executive, most recently served as an Executive Partner at the private equity firm Quad-C. Prior to this, he was the transformative CEO of Performance Health, a leading global manufacturer in the rehabilitation and sports medicine sector. Earlier in his career, Francis served as President of Henry Schein Animal Health, a $2B healthcare company. Co-founding Agility Healthcare Solutions, his leadership caught the attention of GE Healthcare, where he later played a pivotal role as General Manager of Global Asset Management post-acquisition. Francis also held a significant position as President of McKesson Medical-Surgical.

Assumption College, B.A. Business Management

Wayne Oliver | Chief Financial Officer

Wayne Oliver leverages an extensive 20-year career in senior executive roles spanning finance, business systems, information technology, and operations and administration. His prior engagements include serving as Vice President and CFO for a series of private equity-funded enterprises, such as Sharp Tooling Solutions, Creative Foam Corporation, the Crown Group, Meridian Lightweight Technologies, and Meridian Automotive Systems. With an in-depth understanding of operational leadership, business procedures, liquidity management, and private equity methodologies, Wayne excels in spearheading the vigorous execution of aggressive operating and market expansion strategies.

University of Central Oklahoma, B.S. Accounting
Lawrence Technological University, M.S. Industrial Operations

Jeff Pemberton | Vice President of Marketing & Commercial Strategy

Jeff Pemberton is an accomplished marketing professional with a history of driving substantial growth through digital transformation, lead generation, technology integration, and brand development. His prior role as the Head of Marketing at Ross Education showcased his talent for rapid adaptation and execution. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in Ross Education’s strategic growth amid industry shrinkage, upheaval, and over-regulation. Jeff’s expertise, marked by adaptability and strategic acumen, positions him as a transformative marketing leader with the ability to lead organizations through challenging and ever-changing environments.

Eastern Michigan University, B.S., Education & Communications
Liberty University, M.A., Theology

Michael McClain | Vice President of Technology

Michael McClain is a seasoned professional with exceptional problem-solving skills in the field of electromechanical and biomedical equipment design and manufacturing. With a specialized focus on developing patented breakthrough technologies and products, he excels in navigating the complexities of stringent regulatory frameworks, particularly within the domains of microbiology, pharmaceuticals, and Class I, II, and III medical devices. Michael’s impressive track record includes a history of successfully bringing new products to market, adeptly applying lean manufacturing principles, and spearheading value-driven cost reduction strategies for established product lines.

Lawrence Technological University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering 
Lawrence Technological University Biomedical Engineering Board

Wilson Dias | Vice President of Manufacturing

Wilson Dias is an accomplished leader with a strong track record in global account management. His impressive cross-cultural leadership experience underscores his adeptness in thriving within diverse business landscapes. With over two decades of hands-on management experience across various domains, including Commercial, Engineering, Program Management, and Operations, Wilson has consistently demonstrated his performance-oriented approach. His extensive expertise extends to encompass all aspects of product development and launch processes, showcasing a profound understanding of the intricate complexities involved in these critical business functions.

Fundação Getulio Vargas, B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Fundação Getulio Vargas, M.S., Business Management

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