Standard Dissection Tables

Mopec dissection tables offer an economical, yet high-quality solution to university lab needs. Equipped with casters, the tables are easily maneuverable should classes require a different room layout. The stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning and a heavy-duty work surface. Each table is designed with a sloped top toward a ball valve and tube to ensure proper drainage during dissection. With Mopec’s assortment of accessories, students are prepared with the tools needed to succeed.


Edge Type:

  • Recessed edges allow for use of a larger range of additional accessories.
  • Creased edges promote easier transfer of bodies on and off the table.


  • Three stainless steel drawers can be added under the table top for additional storage space.
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Covered Dissection Tables

Mopec Covered Dissection Tables feature a recessed top that eliminates the need for a body tray. The two hinged covers allow for securely concealing the cadaver when not in use. The Mopec-Exclusive Lid Assist Feature aids in lowering the covers and eliminates user injury. During the dissection, the covers neatly lock under the table.



  • Downdraft ventilation systems are available to ensure ultimate student safety. The constant air flow removes formalin vapors down and away from the user.


  • For added convenience, hand crank elevation is an option. This allows for quick adjustment for students of varying heights.
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Removable Tray Dissection Tables

Mopec Removable Tray Dissection Tables are ideal for facilities looking for an extremely efficient means of transferring bodies from tables to storage racks. The body tray easily glides off the chassis rollers onto a carrier, lift or rack. It eliminates the need for an additional tray in the storage area.


Body Tray Size:

  • 23″ Body Tray
  • 27″ Body Tray
  • 32″ Body Tray

Formalin Collection:

  • Optional fluid collection system with included square carboy. This helps eliminate fluids from the dissection tray.
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Dip Tank Dissection Tables

Designed to keep cadavers and anatomic specimens fully submerged in a fixative solution for prolonged storage. Ideal for anatomy classes at teaching hospitals and universities. The tank helps maintain moisture content and the natural condition of stored tissues.

Mopec-Exclusive Features:

  • Ergonomic Hand Crank
  • Magnetic Lid Latching
  • Tray Leveling Holes
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Hydraulic Dissection Tables

Mopec Hydraulic Tables are some of the most advanced tables offered on the market. They feature hydraulic elevation, easy tilting and foot pedal controls to reduce common user strains caused by moving cadavers.


Top Material:

  • Standard Stainless Steel
  • Inner Trough Stainless Steel
  • Fiberglass X-Ray
  • Plastic X-Ray
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