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At Mopec, everything we do is Better by Design.

Mopec provides American-made medical equipment and laboratory products to the pathology, histology, necropsy, autopsy and mortuary industries.

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Mopec 810 Autopsy Saw

Mopec 810 Autopsy Saw BD810

Look familiar? Introducing the Mopec 810 Autopsy Saw.

Mopec is excited to introduce the Mopec 810 Autopsy Saw, addressing the demand that has existed since March of this year. The 810 Autopsy Saw has long been considered the most powerful and durable saw available. Many practitioners prefer the slender handle, which gives them precise control. It has a powerful motor that produces 17,000 rpm and 32,000 oscillations per minute.

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Mopec Guardian COVID-19 Response
Mopec Guardian Systems

The Mopec Guardian Systems line of equipment and supplies is designed to keep your facility prepared for surge capacity. Featuring Surge Capacity Quick-Deploy Body Storage Equipment, Body Bags, and Personal Protective Equipment, this line of products was engineered to help keep your workers safe and ready for quick response. Whether your community is dealing with COVID-19 surges, natural disasters, or a spike in deaths due to the opioid epidemic, Mopec has the tools you need for preparation, prevention, and protection.

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Mopec Maestro Grossing Bench

Mopec Maestro Grossing Station

Equip your pathology laboratory with the safest and most personalized grossing station ever offered.

Mopec understands that each pathology professional has their own workspace preferences, and each laboratory holds their own safety, ergonomic and workflow requirements. With the Maestro’s distinctive Ensemble Pegboard™, dozens of accessories and flexible safety options, every station can be quickly personalized to suit each individual.

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Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw

The first saw specifically developed for autopsy use.

Designed with the user in mind, the Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw is equipped with advanced risk prevention features. It boasts advanced technology and a sealed housing specifically constructed for autopsy use. This cutting-edge tool is available exclusively from Mopec.

  • Entirely submersible for effective cleaning
  • 40V DC hand-piece runs cool and quiet
  • Axial mount blades reduce hand injury
  • Balanced hand-piece reduces fatigue
  • Unique blade mount lowers cost of blades

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