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Empowering pathology & anatomy professionals with the leading platform of products and solutions for the advancement of diagnostic accuracy, safety, research, education, and the treatment of disease.

Introducing the Mopec Maestro Encore

As the gold standard for safety in pathology grossing, the Mopec Maestro Encore Grossing Stations have been meticulously engineered with a focus on laboratory safety and workflow efficiency. Its patented SafeDraft™ Ventilation Technology directs air from the cutting surface’s front to the back, establishing a laminar flow pattern that enhances the effectiveness of the robust backdraft technology. This consistent ventilation is a crucial element in safeguarding users against potential hazardous formalin exposure.

The latest Mopec Maestro Encore introduces an integrated air filtration system, further optimizing airflow to mitigate and prevent formalin exposure risks. This innovative solution is designed to meet the specific demands of pathology professionals, ensuring a secure and efficient working environment.

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Mopec Harmony Tissue Marking Dyes are available in 9 different colors and were specifically designed with input from Pathologists’ Assistants to solve common problems they currently experience with dyes. With a standardized viscosity across the range, the Harmony line ensures less variation in viscosity from one color to the next.

Tissue Flotation Baths



Paraffin Wax Dispensers

Shadowless, Unobstructed Illumination With The Lumohs Lighted Scalpel Handles

Mere millimeters away from the surgical site, precisely situated beyond the reach of overhead surgical lighting. Uninterrupted, shadow-free illumination for the perineum, genitalia, ears, scalp, and other areas. Improved visibility during incisions near nerves and vessels within anatomically sensitive zones. Mopec is the exclusive, master distributor of the Lumohs Lighted Scalpel in the pathology and dissection markets.


Find The Right Cassettes For Your Needs

Introducing Mopec’s full range of Tissue Cassettes! Designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, our new line of Mopec Cassettes are compatible with a wide range of tissue cassette printers. Use our Tissue Cassette Selection Tool to choose your preferred lid style, cassette type, packaging, and color to fit your exact tissue printer.

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Bulk Formalin, Formalin Pre-Fills, and Formalin Neutralization

Mopec Prefilled Formalin Containers are half-filled with a 10% neutral buffered formalin fixative and are specifically designed to safely collect, store, and transport various sizes of tissue specimens. Available in small containers, large containers, and bulk options, Mopec is the trusted provider for all of your formalin needs.

Mopec Prefilled Formalin Containers

Dissecting Boards, Dissection Instruments, Scalpels & Blade

Mopec’s understands that every lab is different and faces differing challenges that require a variety of tools to choose from. Our high-quality laboratory dissection instruments, preparation equipment, and supplies are the ultimate solution for the pathology, histology, necropsy, autopsy and mortuary industries.

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