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Premium Histology Laboratory Appliances & Benchtop Equipment

Mopec introduces a new line of innovative laboratory appliances and benchtop equipment. Designed to improve workflow practices, increase usability, and take up minimal bench-top space in your laboratory. Mopec’s Lab Appliances have an anti-microbial coating to help prevent bacteria and virus growth.

Tissue Flotation Baths

Mopec’s Tissue Flotation Baths accurately maintain water temperature and allow tissue sections to be efficiently flattened prior to being picked up with a microscope slide. Enhance visualization of tissue sections and reduce the risk associated with floating tissue debris.


Mopec offers state-of-the-art hotplate laboratory equipment for tissue processing laboratories. Our benchtop equipment comes with an Anti-microbial powder coat finish to help prevent bacteria and virus growth. No matter the countertop space available, we have a hotplate product to keep your workflow efficient and accurate.

Heated forceps & Tampers

Heated forceps and tampers from Mopec are designed to assist specimens’ orientation and positioning during embedding in paraffin wax. Safe, low-voltage heating elements maintain an ideal temperature for manipulating wax specimens.

Paraffin WAX BLOCK trimmer

De-waxed effortlessly with Mopec’s Block Trimmer. Efficiently remove excess paraffin from the outside of a tissue cassette by pressing the paraffin block across the patterned heated work surface.
The Block Trimmer allows users to prepare tissue blocks with no risk of damage to the printed text or barcode on the tissue cassette.

Paraffin WAX dispensers

The Mopec Wax Dispensers provide a large capacity tank while requiring minimal bench space. Digital temperature control provides a highly accurate temperature setting of the molten wax. A fast heating system makes melted wax available for dispensing within 30 minutes.

Section dryers

Designed for high workload laboratories to give maximum drying capacity.


Mopec’s Coldplate replaces ice blocks and chiller sprays for cooling tissue blocks prior to sectioning. A coldplate pre-cooled to -20ºC for between 3 to 5 hours will allow a user to chill blocks for a period of up to 4 hours at room temperature. The large work area has a capacity of 36 blocks to be cooled at one

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