Find The Right Cassettes For Your Needs

Introducing Mopec’s full range of Tissue Cassettes! Designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, our new line of Mopec Cassettes are compatible with a wide range of tissue cassette printers. Use our Tissue Cassette Selection Tool to choose your preferred lid style, cassette type, packaging, and color to fit your exact tissue printer.


  1. Select the Cassette Printer you currently use.
  2. Choose your preferred lid style that fits with your selected printer: we offer hinge or snap-on lids.
  3. Choose your preferred cassette type that fits with your selected printer: most cassettes offer a slotted, circle, biopsy, or micro biopsy design.
  4. Choose your preferred packaging style(s): most options are offered in loose, hoppered, or threaded.
  5. Choose your preferred color(s): all Mopec Cassettes come in 15 different color options!
  6. Give us a rough estimate of your monthly tissue cassette usage.
  7. Our Tissue Cassette Selection Tool will let you know exactly which type of Mopec Cassette best suits your needs!

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