Formalin Neutralizing Absorbent Pads, 25 pack


Mopec’s Formalin Neutralizing Absorbent Pad (F-NAP) was designed to reduce formaldehyde vapors while dissecting tissue, transferring tissue from containers of formalin, and transporting or storing tissue in containers of formalin, by absorbing and neutralizing formalin.



  • Mopec’s Formalin Neutralizing Absorbent Pad (F-NAP) was designed to facilitate the reduction of formaldehyde vapors by absorbing and neutralizing formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and other aldehydes.
  • F-NAP provides excellent vapor control during gross examination, dissecting, transporting, or transferring formalin fixed tissue.
  • F-NAP Pads are also used for vapor control in storage of formalin, formalin fixed tissue containers and for small formalin spills.
  • Once the formalin solution is absorbed, the Formalin Neutralizing Absorbent Pad will convert formaldehyde and other aldehydes to a non-hazardous polymer, eliminating the source of harmful vapors making the work area safer.
  • The blue color allows for easier viewing of small specimens, and the soft cutting surface allows for longer lasting scalpels.

Small #BE093: 25 8”x 11” Pads/Pack
Medium #BE094: 25 11”x 15” Pads/Pack
Large #BE095: 25 15”x 20” Pads/Pack

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Small (8" x 11"), Medium (11" x 15"), Large (15" x 20")