Mortuary Response Solutions

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Mopec Mortuary Response Solutions

Mopec Mortuary Response Solutions

Portable Equipment for Critical Situations, Mass Fatalities, and Refrigeration Overflow.

Cadaver Cooling MERC System

Using liquid cooling technology and specifically designed cooling pads, the patented MERC System provides the total solution to mass fatality response or cadaver cooler overflow needs. The MERC System is the only system available that does not use chilled air to provide cooling of human remains.

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Mopec MERC System

Mopec Collapsable Cadaver Storage

Collapsable Cadaver Storage Racks

Mopec’s patented collapsable cadaver storage systems are designed to meet the demands of transporting and storing sets of remains. Each system is carefully constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing, made in the USA, and does not require any tools for assembly.

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