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Carlo Gonzalez, 25 Year Anniversary Pathology Award Recipient

Carlo Gonzalez, an employee of Florida Hospital, is more than just an Autopsy Specialist and member of the Hazmat team. He is an incredible asset to his team and an understanding, respectful member of his community. Carlo is known for going above and beyond in all aspects of his role. His nomination noted that, "He [...]

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Michael Mazzotta, 25 Year Anniversary Pathology Award Recipient

Michael Mazzotta has not only made significant contributions to SEPA Labs, but he has impacted the lives of a great deal of students. His personable attitude and educational presentations have certainly resonated with young minds. Mr. Mazzotta received his undergraduate degree in biology from Rhode Island College. During his studies, he was offered a position [...]

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LaVinia Ray, 25 Year Anniversary Pathology Award Recipient

Our first featured 25 Year Anniversary Award recipient, LaVinia Ray, has made a tremendous impact in the field of histology and necropsy. Her nomination stated, “She has demonstrated time and again that she is an exceptional communicator and gifted leader. She is a highly-dedicated professional who knows how to motivate her staff to strive for [...]

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Sharps Safety

Sharps waste is considered to be any device that could possibly cut or pierce the user’s skin, including but not limited to scalpels, needles, razor blades, and even glass objects such as microscope slides containing possible biohazards. One should always use fully disposable scalpel units if possible. Never use scalpel blades without a proper handle [...]

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A Laboratory’s Response to Formalin Spills

Air ventilation is often the first thought when considering formalin safety, but what is the protocol for liquid spills? Even the most steady-handed pathologist can encounter accidental spills. Skin contact with the spill can result in allergic reactions, blistering, and hives among other symptoms. If skin does come in contact, immediately rinse with water and a [...]

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Risk of Disease Transmission during an Autopsy

Risk of transmission of disease and illness during post-mortem examinations is a serious and ever-growing concern in laboratories across the world. With proper protective wear and clean up measures, autopsy professionals need not to worry. Medical Examiners are to take utmost precaution while performing autopsies on potential infectious cadavers. There are numerous ways in which [...]

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Twenty-Five Years of Mopec

Mopec is proud to announce its twenty-fifth year as the leading manufacturer of pathology and autopsy equipment. The Michigan-based company has achieved steady growth with innovative equipment for over two decades. The loyal and devoted Mopec family can be attributed to the constant dedication to customer satisfaction by means of quality product and customized solutions. Mopec, [...]

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Considering Purchasing a Used Morgue Refrigerator?

When purchasing a morgue cooler, it is imperative to consider more than just the cost associated. Investing in a new or used mortuary cooling unit is a significant decision that can have a great impact on your finances and cooler functionality over the next several years. Previously owned body cooling systems are considerably less expensive than new equipment; however, [...]

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The Difference between a Coroner and a Medical Examiner

Did you know coroners and medical examiners are generally characterized as two different occupations? They both play a vital role in death investigations, but they each hold different qualifications and responsibilities. Each state has their own system in place for examining a questionable death. It is fairly universal that any deaths revolving around injury, poisoning, [...]

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4 Ways to Donate after Death

Donate your organs and tissue to those in medical need With over 100,000 people on the U.S. waiting list for organs, this is a sure way to give back. Your donation could save up to 8 lives, and that’s quite a number when 22 people die each day waiting for a transplant. Learn more at [...]

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