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Behind The Scenes: Crating And Assembly

There is never a down time for Mopec’s production team, as orders are being designed, produced and shipped on a daily basis. Equipment created in our factory is often customized per customer’s request. By the time a customer receives their Mopec equipment, it has passed through our factory to a freighting company, before arriving at their facility. Before equipment has left the factory, our Crating and Assembly team ensures each order is packaged for utmost protection in preparation for the shipping …

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Mopec’s Anatomy Quiz

Test your knowledge with Mopec’s Anatomy Quiz, featuring multiple choice questions on sections of the body. This brief quiz consists of 15 questions that range in difficulty, perfect if you are looking to supplement your study materials or need a refresher. At the end, you will be given a score for the questions you answered.   Loading…

Understanding the Organ Donation Process

Choosing to become an organ donor is a personal decision and one that should not be made lightly. There are major misconceptions that prevent people from registering, with concerns that range from family matters to personal health choices. Organ donation is valuable because it’s saving and improving someone’s quality of life. However, it is crucial to research the process prior to becoming a donor. The process of organ donation begins by registering through your state, either by signing up online …

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9 & 10 News: Morgue Authority In Big Rapids Looks To Begin Search For Forensic Pathologists

The West Michigan Forensic Pathology Services Authority in Big Rapids is preparing to begin their search for a forensic pathologist to avoid sending bodies somewhere else for work they could do here in Northern Michigan. “All counties I think, or at least anyone I’ve talked to is seeing an increase in the number of deaths that they’ve had and autopsies are going up,” Paul Bullock, Mecosta County Controller Administrator. As the number of death investigations increase the need for a …

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Tips for Making Your Lab More Sustainable

  1. Watch Chemical Usage If your lab is using chemicals on a regular basis, take inventory frequently, to avoid ordering unnecessary quantities. It is best to research for environmental-friendly alternatives to hazardous and toxic chemicals. If these safer options are not available, order the minimal amount needed. Check with others first, before buying duplicates of chemicals and set up a shared chemical repository if your workplace does not have one already.  If any chemicals are leftover and cannot be …

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News 4 Jax: Overcrowded Morgue’s New Cooler Arrives

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new cooler to hold more bodies at the Northeast Florida regional morgue in Jacksonville arrived Tuesday morning. The manufacturer, MOPEC, delivered the parts of the cooler, which is so big it has to be assembled piece by piece. “We are ecstatic for having the cooler here,” said Tim Crutchfield, the director of operations at the regional Medical Examiner’s Office. “What it will do is almost double our capacity so we can better serve our population.” The Medical Examiner’s Office said …

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Behind The Scenes: Consumables Warehouse

Providing medical equipment and supplies to multiple industries, Mopec features several warehouses for our vast assortment of products. One of these warehouses stocks a large inventory of accessories, supplies and instruments for pathology, mortuary and anatomy industries. This warehouse utilizes all available space as every box, shelf and palette is labeled clearly by stickers or signs. This well-defined organization allows for quick pulling of customer orders, and in turn yields rapid shipments. Customers should expect to receive orders within 5 …

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Best Practices for Lab Storage

Having your lab organized and well maintained is crucial when it comes to optimizing its performance and safety. Your lab will not operate at its maximum potential if your workspace is unkempt. Here are a few storage options to help you and your team keep your lab free of clutter. Dissection Instruments: Properly storing your pathology instruments is key when organizing your work station. Having sharps laid out in common areas or placing them in your pocket is hazardous and …

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