Autopsy Saw

A Tale of Two Saws

When considering what autopsy saws are available to a pathologist, there is certainly a limited array of models on the market to choose from. Certain styles of saws are specifically made with distinct features to complete the tasks at hand. One particular model is regarded as an industry standard by forensic pathologist after decades of use on the medical market. The Stryker saw was invented by Dr. Homer Stryker, an orthopedic surgeon who invented medical equipment based on the needs …

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ThomasNet: Mopec Introduces Fully Submersible Oscillating Autopsy Saw

Press Release Summary: Weighing less than 3 lb, Mopec Autopsy Saw 5000 is packaged with 4 non-corrosive, chrome-plated steel blades in 64 mm and 76 mm circular and 51 mm and 64 mm segmented. Placement of motor in head and handle of unit provides balanced weight, minimizing operator fatigue. Oscillating at 13,200 cycles/min, saw features 40 Vdc hand operation, overload prevention, and one button start/stop switch. Unit is hermetically sealed and waterproof for full immersion cleaning and decontamination. For more …

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