MAXAIR CAPR® Series: The No-Hose PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator)


Equip your workspace with the most innovative and easy-to-use Powered Air-Purifying Respirator available. No fit testing. No N95 masks.

Mopec is proud to offer the MAXAIR CAPR® Series: The No-Hose PAPR from Bio-Medical Devices International. In laboratories and autopsy suites working with agents that have a known potential for aerosol as well as contact transmission, additional protection may be provided by personal protective equipment such as the MAXAIR CAPR Systems.
The MAXAIR CAPR highly integrated design eliminates the conventional PAPR reliance on cumbersome air tubes and bulky, belt mounted blower units. When compared to conventional PAPRs and N95 respirator masks, the lightweight MAXAIR Helmets, with their positive pressure air flow and unique safety LEDs, standout as a superior method of personal respiratory protection.

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PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to provide quotes for MaxAir outside of the Pathology, Autopsy, Mortuary, Medical Examiner/Coroner and Anatomy Lab markets in North America. For further information or to obtain a quote, please contact them directly at maxair-systems.com.

The CAPR® Series is MAXAIR’s most innovative line for the broadest range of applications and most economical respiratory and contact protection solutions. MAXAIR CAPRs meet todays needs and tomorrows expectations.CAPR System applications range from routine daily use, while caring for patients in health care facilities, to industrial and manufacturing situations.CAPR System configurations range from unique, Snap On – Snap Off DLC cuffs to full Helmet coverage High Performance XP Hoods.Common to all CAPR System configurations is the integrated CAPR Helmet with unique always on and visible during use safety LEDs. This unique design eliminates the need for a long air tube and a large belt mounted blower unit.MAXAIR provides unprecedented overall safety, comfort, convenience, patient friendliness, and cost effectiveness versus Mask respirators and Conventional PAPRs.

Choosing the Proper PAPR Configuration for Protection

Autopsy Suites & Medical Examiner Offices

Healthcare professionals generally prefer to use the Cuff system configurations for most Infection Control situations in patient care areas because it more conveniently accommodates stethoscope use.
Due to the Ebola experience of 2014, heightened awareness to the lethalness of combined airborne and contact transmissible disease has led to demand for the higher level and more full body coverage protection of shrouds, hoods, and integrated gowns.

Pathology Laboratories

MAXAIR Shrouds and Hoods, with either single and double shrouds (“skirts”) are more typically indicated in laboratory and medical and bio research areas due to increased body coverage and higher overall protection levels for potentially higher risks of exposure.

Maxair Configurations

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MaxAir Brochure

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