Autopsy Table, Sink Service with Cabinet – CE850


  • Material: Tabletop is 14 gauge stainless steel with #4 satin finish. Table Wing is fabricated of 18 gauge stainless steel.
  • Electricals:(2) GFCI Receptacles positioned on each side of sink
  • Hydro aspirator: Located on the end of the table above the sink basin. Provided with a reversing valve to clear the aspirator of any foreign matter. Completely plumbed with control valve, vacuum breaker and tubing.
  • Faucet: Hot & cold single lever mixing valve with swing spout faucet complete with vacuum breaker
  • Sink Spray: Deck mounted chrome plated brass sink spray with high pressure hose
  • Table wing includes a medium size instrument drawer and storage compartment.
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This style autopsy sink, table and cabinet accommodates all Mopec autopsy carts and includes all amenities to perform an efficient autopsy. A hydro-aspirator is conveniently located on the sink ledge for ease in collection and/or disposal of fluids. A hot/cold water faucet is provided with a single lever control with vacuum breaker protection.

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