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Understanding OSHA For Lab Safety

Lab safety is a major concern when working in an environment with toxic chemicals and sharps that can cause physical harm. OSHA, better known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, enforces safety standards by providing regulations for those working in these types of hazardous conditions. With over 20 years of OSHA Health and Safety experience, Mopec’s Safety Coordinator, Ken Roberts, knows the importance of a secure working environment. We asked him some key questions for pathologists and those working …

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Lab Design News: Hydraulic Lifts

  Mopec‘s cadaver lift series that feature more versatility in design and performance. Created with the consumer in mind, each lift has an adjustable top with a simple structure, achieving a standard in efficiency. An enhanced mechanical system offers advanced technological features that surpass all lifts in its industry. With a single scissor frame, the series offers a more durable structure that provides a safe and balanced load. This innovative design features a removable side handle that can be placed …

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ThomasNet: Cadaver Lift Series Come With Single Scissor Frame

Press Release Summary: Cadaver Lift Series are equipped with a removable side handle and stainless steel accents. Units come with powder coat finishing and feature dual seal maintenance free battery. These 5-tiered products are integrated with adjustable top which is compatible with trays and racks. Lifts can elevate over 750 lbs using hydraulic system and come with key activation option. Cadaver is incorporated with scale system which offers solid measurement using four load cells, summing board and weight indicator. For …

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Dr. Crystal Moore, 25 Year Anniversary Pathology Award Recipient

Her nomination says it all, “Dr. Moore is active in humanizing the face of pathology and pathologists. With heartfelt articles featured in Forbes, Prevention, USA Today, Reader’s Digest and PracticeLink and speaking to empower audiences to increase their wellness in body, mind and spirit. Dr. Moore increases visibility for the profession.” Mopec was honored to have the opportunity to ask Dr. Moore a few interview questions. Did you always know you wanted to go into the medical field? Can you …

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Carlo Gonzalez, 25 Year Anniversary Pathology Award Recipient

carlo 25 year pathology award

Carlo Gonzalez, an employee of Florida Hospital, is more than just an Autopsy Specialist and member of the Hazmat team. He is an incredible asset to his team and an understanding, respectful member of his community. Carlo is known for going above and beyond in all aspects of his role. His nomination noted that, “He has completely transformed the morgue space, supplies, and demonstrated sharp organizational skills.” Mopec was grateful for the opportunity to ask him a few questions regarding his …

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Michael Mazzotta, 25 Year Anniversary Pathology Award Recipient


Michael Mazzotta has not only made significant contributions to SEPA Labs, but he has impacted the lives of a great deal of students. His personable attitude and educational presentations have certainly resonated with young minds. Mr. Mazzotta received his undergraduate degree in biology from Rhode Island College. During his studies, he was offered a position at Rhode Island Hospital where he assisted with close to 1500 autopsies.  During his time at the hospital, he developed a new form of training …

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LaVinia Ray, 25 Year Anniversary Pathology Award Recipient

Our first featured 25 Year Anniversary Award recipient, LaVinia Ray, has made a tremendous impact in the field of histology and necropsy. Her nomination stated, “She has demonstrated time and again that she is an exceptional communicator and gifted leader. She is a highly-dedicated professional who knows how to motivate her staff to strive for excellence and continue the learning process. She is a humble and approachable person who loves to share her extensive knowledge with others.” Mopec was thrilled …

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Twenty-Five Years of Mopec

Mopec is proud to announce its twenty-fifth year as the leading manufacturer of pathology and autopsy equipment. The Michigan-based company has achieved steady growth with innovative equipment for over two decades. The loyal and devoted Mopec family can be attributed to the constant dedication to customer satisfaction by means of quality product and customized solutions. Mopec, currently located in Oak Park, Michigan, encompasses facilities that cover 60,000 square feet including a fully operational factory, warehouse, and corporate departments. The company has grown tremendously …

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ThomasNet: Mopec Introduces Fully Submersible Oscillating Autopsy Saw

Press Release Summary: Weighing less than 3 lb, Mopec Autopsy Saw 5000 is packaged with 4 non-corrosive, chrome-plated steel blades in 64 mm and 76 mm circular and 51 mm and 64 mm segmented. Placement of motor in head and handle of unit provides balanced weight, minimizing operator fatigue. Oscillating at 13,200 cycles/min, saw features 40 Vdc hand operation, overload prevention, and one button start/stop switch. Unit is hermetically sealed and waterproof for full immersion cleaning and decontamination. For more …

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CAP Today: Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier

March 2016—Mopec has developed a powered hydraulic cadaver carrier capable of transporting up to 700 pounds with a simple light touch. Powered by a battery-operated motorized base, the Mopec JA800 Powered Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier easily navigates corners, ramps, and doors as it safely moves without manual force, allowing even small operators to transport effortlessly, free from back and body strain. For more information, please visit: CAP Today

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