4 Ways to Donate after Death

ways to donate body

  1. Donate your organs and tissue to those in medical need
    With over 100,000 people on the U.S. waiting list for organs, this is a sure way to give back. Your donation could save up to 8 lives, and that’s quite a number when 22 people die each day waiting for a transplant. Learn more at http://organdonor.gov
  1. Give your body to a medical school for studies
    Doctors, dentists and other medical professionals rely on their hands-on training in anatomy labs to prepare them for their future. Their cadaver dissection experience is invaluable, as it gives them an opportunity to see and touch the internal composition of the human body – very different than 2D textbook teachings. Many schools have information available online for the process of donation including frequently asked questions. For example, Harvard has a dedicated page expressing their need for such body donations.
  1. Donate your body to further forensic sciences
    How do you think medical examiners and detectives can identify how long ago an individual passed away? There are facilities where bodies are left to decompose in different environments to examine the effects on the body. The University of Tennessee makes forensic body donation incredibly easy with a simple sign up form. They also offer the option to be donated to their skeletal collection.
  1. Give back to the environment
    If you’d rather not be poked and prodded after you pass, you can be cremated and planted to give new life to Earth. Bios Urn is an eco-friendly option that incorporates your ashes with a perfect mix of soil and seeds to promote proper plant growth. If you opt for this route, be sure to inform a loved one as there isn’t an option to “sign up” ahead of time. You can even choose which type of tree you wish to give life to.
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