CAP Today: Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier

March 2016—Mopec has developed a powered hydraulic cadaver carrier capable of transporting up to 700 pounds with a simple light touch. Powered by a battery-operated motorized base, the Mopec JA800 Powered Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier easily navigates corners, ramps, and doors as it safely moves without manual force, allowing even small operators to transport effortlessly, free from back and body strain. For more information, please visit: CAP Today

ThomasNet: Powered Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier moves without manual effort

With a battery-operated, motorized base, JA800 Powered Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier navigates corners, ramps, and doors. Safe movement without manual force, eliminates back and body strain for any operator transporting up to 700 lb loads. Along with ergonomically placed activation/speed control grips, features include aluminum frame with a heavy-duty vinyl cover, end to end tilting, and 11 in. elevation range. Aligning mechanisms and large diameter casters are impervious to embalming chemicals. For more information, please visit: ThomasNet

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