Trimming Station – Down Draft Ventilated – OL200

  • Dimensions: 60″ L (152.4cm) x 29.5″ (74.9cm) W x 37″ H (94cm)
  • Sink Dimension: 19x12x10
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Life cycle filter timer to alert for filter change
  • Front access filter replacement
  • Self contained unit. No facility ventilation required
  • Faucet: Fixture w/swing spout
  • Electricals: G.F.C.I. outlet
  • Grid plates: (3) removable grid plates (standard pattern)
    (3) removable fine mesh grid plates
  • Down draft ventilation
  • Fan control switch
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The OL200 down draft Ventilated Necropsy Station is designed to be mounted against a wall and incorporates all of the features necessary to efficiently complete a necropsy on small to mid-size animals. A standard feature on the OL200 workstation is a life-cycle filter timer to remind you when to change filters for a continuous fume free environment. Front access potassium permanganate replacement filters are easily changed. The work surface is equipped with a full perimeter rinse system making it easy to keep the basin clean. A standard feature on the OL200 is a water fixture with a pull out hand spray. Included are three perforated grid plates. In addition, three fine mesh grid plates are provided for smaller animal procedures. Another unique feature that is included with the Ventilated Necropsy Station is the self contained ventilation system, no in-house ventilation is needed. The OL200 is manufactured with four adjustable feet for final on site leveling to ensure a fully level work surface. A simple plumbing connection allows this unit to be fully functional in a short amount of time.


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