Lift – Roller Pallets for Heavy Duty Body Trays



  • 80 – 1/4″ (203cm) Long x 27 – 1/4″ (68cm) Wide


  • 80 – 1/4″ (203cm) Long x 31 – 1/4″ (78cm) Wide


  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Roller Rack System
  • Fits all Mopec Cadaver Fork Lifts




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The roller pallet is constructed in conjunction with the IE100 Morgue Rack and is designed to fit on the cadaver lifts. The main frame consists of two bearing rails, frame and tray lock. The JD400 and JD401 roller pallets consists of 10 individual replaceable nylon roller wheels. The two bearing rails are welded together by a spacer frame which has four mounting holes so that the pallet can be mounted on the forks of the cadaver lift. Two tray locks are on each end of the pallet so that the tray can be removed from either end. These tray locks are self locking to prevent trays from rolling off. Material is stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. All welds are a continuous bead weld with all burrs and discoloration removed.

Fits 23″ Heavy Duty Trays: JD400

Fits 27″ Heavy Duty Trays: JD410

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Fits 23" Body Trays, Fits 27" Body Trays

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