Lift – Roller Pallet for GA100 – JD420

  • Dimensions: 48″ Long x 32.8″ Wide
  • Material: All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Roller Rack System
  • Fits all Mopec Cadaver Fork Lifts
  • 2ea. Tray Locking Mechanisms
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The JD420 Dual Function Roller Pallet System is constructed to be used in conjunction with the IE200 Storage Morgue Rack and is designed to fit on the various Mopec cadaver lifts (JD305, JD405, JD710 and JD715). The JD420 dual functioning roller pallet consists of 10 individual replaceable nylon roller wheels. The two load-bearing rails are welded together by a spacer frame which has four mounting holes so that the pallet can simply be attached to the forks of most cadaver lifts. A tray lock is located on each end of the pallet so that the GA100 tray will be safely secured during lifting. The tray locks are self-locking to prevent the GA100 Autopsy/Storage tray from rolling while lifting into position. The JD420’s unique lift and roll dual functionality allows for lifting the GA100 Autopsy Tray off of the DC100 Autopsy Cart frame then simply rolling the GA100 into the IE200 storage rack


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