Hydraulic Cadaver Carrier – JA600

Standard Features

  • All stainless steel fixed top
  • Twin pedestal hydraulics for easy foot activated elevation
  • Four heavy duty 8″ casters with total lock
  • Bumper guards
  • Removable aluminum false frame with heavy duty blue opaque cover (JZ005)


  • Weight capacity: Approximately 700lbs


  • 81″ L x 30″ W

Range of Motion

  • Elevates from 21.25″ to 34″ (carrier only)
  • Elevates from 37.25″ to 50″ (with false frame)


  • Brake lever on both sides and one on end
  • Elevating pedals on both sides


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Minimizes Back Strain: The JA600s powerful pedal activated hydraulic system allows tray to be easily and quickly elevated to the height of the bed. Discreet: The JA600s form fitting, reinforced opaque cover over a sturdy lightweight aluminum frame ensures the utmost in discretion and consideration for all hospital personnel. Special rugged bumpers provide heavy-duty impact resistance. Easy to Navigate: The JA600s Total Lock wheel locking system makes it easy to securely lock the wheels in place for cadaver transfer. Lock one wheel in parallel alignment for easy steering through crowded halls and elevators. Wider body platform makes dealing with heavier bodies easier, yet the JA600 cart easily passes through doors and hallways. Contoured perimeter edges ensure retention and control of fluids.