Formaway Formalin Neutralizer Powder


Mopec’s Formaway Formalin Neutralizing Powder safely and easily neutralizes spent formalin waste to a non-hazardous and non-toxic solution in only 20 minutes. Contents are emptied directly into 1 gallon of spent 10% Formalin or 4% Glutaldehyde, reducing risk exposure to lab personnel. This unique formula also eliminates drain-clogging polymers. Available in a case of 12 or 32 bottles.

  • BG550-12: Case of 12 bottles
  • BG550-32: Case of 32 bottles

Note: Collection containers sold separately.

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Directions for Treatment of 10% NBF (4% formaldehyde) and 4% glutaraldehyde waste:

  1. Collect waste in a designated collection container.
  2. Use a funnel with a “screen insert” while collecting waste to remove tissue debris from waste.
  3. Add the entire contents of one Formaway bottle to each gallon of aldehyde waste.
  4. Secure lid on the collection container and agitate container to thoroughly mix solutions, make sure the agitation ultimately results in complete dissolution of Formaway Formalin Neutralizer Powder.
  5. Allow the mixed solution to stand for 20-25 minutes for the reaction to be complete.
  6. If required, test treated solution for any aldehyde residual prior to disposal (follow instructions for Formaway Formaldehyde Residual Screening Test Kit).
  7. Pour treated waste into sanitary sewer and rinse container with cold tap water, preparing it for re-use.

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Mopec Formaway Formalin Neutralizers

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