Red Wing Five Tier Split Roller Bariatric Lift – JD5001


  • Powder-coated steel
  • Single scissor operation
  • Fixed front handle & removable side handle for steering
  • Four swivel casters with steering functionality in two


  • 95.2” L x 34.4” W
  • Approximately 700 lbs


  • Suitable for most five tier racks
  • Range of 13.4” – 76.8”


  • Hydraulic operation
  • Weight capacity of 800 lbs.
  • End access
  • Adjustable split top


  • 12 VDC sealed deep cycle batteries
  • Single cord charger with status indicator (110/220 V)


  • Handle control console
  • Emergency OFF switch with key lockout
  • Digital scale integrated in console


  • Adjustable for 23” – 32” trays
  • Drain plug compatible
  • Works with most mortuary tray carriers and carts
  • Works with most five tier storage racks
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Provides a sturdy, safe, and convenient platform for transporting cadavers in morgue, hospital and research center environments. Features a rugged and robust frame with an adjustable split roller top that allows access from the end. Featuring caster wheels for improved maneuverability and a handle that can be placed on two sides of the lift. A digital scale is integrated into the control console to continuously display the weight value in pounds or kilograms. This allows for a seamless weight measurement directly from the lift system.

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