Embalming Cart with Various Tray Sizes

Standard Features:

  • Full length table rinse with two full length table rinse bars on each side
  • Includes removable body tray
  • All water, electrical, drain and utilities are connected to the sink with quick disconnects.
  • Stainless steel ventilation connection chambers(Connect into embalming sink)
  • Total lock system


  • 79″ L x 33.75″ W x 38.5″ H


  • Two GFCI receptacles


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The Embalming Cart utilizes roller type body storage and processing equipment typically used for most anatomy departments and high capacity embalming facilities. The Embalming Cart incorporates two full length plenum exhaust chambers to fully ventilate the cadaver during the embalming process. Exhaust air velocities can easily accommodate hazardous formaldehyde fumes. The CF400 and CF401 Embalming Carts can be utilized with the CF100, CF200 or CF300 Embalming Sinks.

23″ Tray Size: CF400

27″ Tray Size: CF401

Additional information

Tray Size

23", 27"

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