Autopsy Sink – Elevating Wall Mount with Left or Right Hand Approach

* Overall Dimensions: 84″ L x 28″ W x 58.5″ H to 66.5 to Work Surface..

* Stainless Steel construction.

* Elevating left or right hand sink approach

* Hydro aspirator with reversing flow valve, hose hanger and 8′ clear PVC tubing.

* Cold water body rinse with vacuum breaker and serrated hose fitting. Includes hose hanger and 8′ clear PVC tubing.

* Hot and cold water fixture with wrist blade handles and 8″ swing spout with vacuum breaker.

* Two (2) interchangeable removable perforated grid plates, stainless steel construction with 1/2″ recess and 3/4″ diameter holes on 2″ square centers.

* Sponge bowl grid plate of stainless steel construction.

* GFCI duplex outlet with waterproof cover.

*Instrument drawer flush to the table when closed and fitted with flush inset handles at the top to keep fluid from accumulating in the drawers.

* Hand spray rinse, Heavy duty brass chrome plated hand piece. Durable 8′ Long flexible hose. Hose hanger and “J” hook.

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The C-Series Wall Mounted Elevating Autopsy sink was designed to provide an adjustable working area ergonomically correct for users of various heights. A 5′ 4” technician is just as comfortable using this autopsy sink as a 6′ 4″ technician. The sink can be surface mounted or recessed within the thickness of the wall. Adjustability of the C Series allows all technicians whether sitting or standing, to make adjustments to bring the work to their exact desired position and comfort, regardless of height with the flip of a switch. The users have the ability to raise and lower the unit approximately 8”. Patented 9277806

Left Approach – CB200

Right Approach – CA200

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