Product Description

The Aunex ABR-100U Scalpel Blade Remover provides a simply safer way of removing scalpel blades. Remove and dispose of used blades with the single-handed blade removal ABR-100U technique. No fingers, forceps, or re-sheathing. No Injuries. The Aunex Blade Remover deploys the innovative Uniflex technology that simply lifts and traps the heel of a blade, then safely disengages and removes the blade. No moving parts. No jamming gears or mechanism. Simply push and pull to remove scalpel blades with one hand. Remove and dispose of up to 200* blades, you will save up to four times if compared to the use of other blade removers. Save up to $400 for not using flimsy, disposable plastics scalpels.

Order your ABR-100U Blade Remover today and create a safer work environment for tomorrow.

*based on the size of Blade #10