Mopec Autopsy Saws

Precision With Every Cut

At Mopec, we understand that every lab and autopsy suite is unique and faces challenges that require various tools. To accommodate these needs, Mopec offers a variety of autopsy saws, blades, bone dust vacuums, and accessories to suit your specific needs. Mopec is proud to provide the Mopec 810 Autopsy Saw, which has long been considered the most powerful and durable saw on the market. The Mopec 1000 Autopsy Saw is a dependable and economical solution if you’re working with a tighter budget. As the first saw specifically built for autopsy use, the Mopec Swordfish Autopsy Saw is entirely submersible and ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain.

Mopec 1000 Saw Updated

MOPEC 1000


the leading autopsy saw manufacturer for 30 years

BD090 Swordfish photo


Autopsy Saw Blades

Compatible Mopec Autopsy Saw Blades

Compatible with Mopec 1000 & Mopec 810 Autopsy Saws

Compatible with Mopec 1000 & Mopec 810 Autopsy Saws

Mopec Swordfish Autopsy Saw

Compatible with Mopec Swordfish Autopsy Saws

Half the size. Half the price. Twice the convenience of conventional vacuums.

Introducing the Mopec Portable Bone Dust Vacuum. For a limited time, get your BD050 for only $1799.95

Autopsy Saw Parts & Accessories

Everything You Need

Mopec carries a full line of autopsy replacement parts and accessories for the Mopec 1000, Mopec Swordfish, and the Mopec 810 autopsy saw.

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