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Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw

Stryker Autopsy Bone Saw 810

Stryker Autopsy Saw | Model 810

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This Mopec Autopsy Saw has a rugged construction and a machined aluminum housing that reduces heat and noise. On/Off switch is designed and placed so that it will not break if dropped. Designed for removing the cranial cap, making linear cuts, or sectioning small bone specimens.

The Mopec 5000 is the first bone saw developed specifically for autopsy use. It is totally submersible for complete cleaning. The hand-piece runs on 40V for a cooler touch, reduced vibration; and the axial mount blades offer safer installation. Your lab and your employees will benefit from this safer, more hygienic autopsy saw.

The Stryker® Autopsy saw remains as the industry standard in anatomic pathology. High speed oscillating action quickly cuts through bone with minimal damage to soft tissue. Used for removing the cranial cap, making linear cuts or sectioning small bone specimens.

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Weight3.32 lbs2.8 lbs3.7 lbs
Included Blades1 Large Section Blade (64mm)1 Large Section Blade (64 mm), 1 Large Round Blade (76 mm), 1 Spinal Column Blade (51 mm), 1 Round Blade (64mm)1 Large Section Blade (64mm)
CleanabilityDisinfecting Sprays and WipesCompletely Submersible for up to 15 Minutes, Disinfecting Sprays and WipesDisinfecting Sprays and Wipes
Blade MountSide Screw Tightening *Replacement Blade Arbor RequiredIncluded Top Clamp Mount for Cheaper and Safer Blade ReplacementSide Screw Tightening *Replacement Blade Arbor Required
Hand Piece TemperatureAverage temperature increase with prolonged use40V operation for a cooler touch with prolonged useAverage temperature increase with prolonged use
DesignMachined aluminum housing with weighted bottom designImproved ergonomic center-balanced design housing a quieter motorSturdy metal housing with weighted bottom design
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