Countertop Down Back Draft Workstation – BF400

Standard Features:

* 24″ Fluorescent light

* Removable grid plates

* Circuit breaker switch

* Perforated back vent grill

* Overall dimensions: 36″ L x 21″D x 19″ H

* All stainless steel construction

* Self-contained exhaust

* Adjustable speed fans

* Filter media: choose between fine particle activated charcoal or potassium permanganate

* Two filters per unit included

* 13″ x 34″ work area

* 8′ Hospital grade line cord


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Compact and versatile design recommended for dermatology and smaller labs that need a single workstation. These compact workstations provide a surprisingly large work area and are ideal for dissection, trimming, small anatomic pathology procedures, and staining.
The nine foot (274 cm) hospital grade line cord makes it easy for a smaller lab to install with ease. Dimensions: 36″ L x 21″ D x 19″ H (91 cm x 53 cm x 48.2 cm) Dualdraft All BF Series workstations are equipped with Mopec’s Dualdraft ventilation system that safely and effectively removes harmful toxic fumes even when the work area is obscured by dissection boards or instruments. The fixed backdraft ventilation combined with adjustable downdraft ventilation delivers approximately 30% more air flow in front of the work area. The powerful self-contained fans evacuate harmful formaldehyde fumes into the internal filtering system (BF400 requires two BF007 filters). Blower motors have a variable speed air flow adjustment dial. Front access filters are easily replaced. Mopec offers both potassium permanganate and activated charcoal filters for the BF400 unit. The BF Series features a large 34″ L x 13″ W (86.3 cm x 33 cm) work area with a grid plate that is easily removable for cleaning. Work area is illuminated with a 24″ fluorescent bulb. Pilot light on/off switch is located on the back panel. The storage shelf of the workstation has a 12″ W x 36″ L (30 cm x 91 cm) area for placement of specimen containers.  A simple plumbing connection and standard 110 volt electrical outlet allows this unit to be placed in areas where space is limited.  All stainless steel construction work surface and filtering areas are manufactured using 304 stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Includes a top-mounted, water tight, GFCI duplex receptacle box. BF400 is a recirculating unit. Please specify filter option, either Potassium Permanganate filter (BF007) or Charcoal filter (BF008).


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