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Global Reach, Local Access

Working through local distribution partners, Mopec continues to deliver a personal customer experience, creating an unprecedented brand loyalty. Our evolution as an industry leader has been achieved by listening to the ever changing requirements of hospitals, universities and morgues across the globe. Through our experience, expertise, imagination and craftsmanship we are able to design solutions that manage staff safety, ergonomics and workflow for the markets we serve.


Mopec equipment can be found in over 90 countries around the world.

The Mopec Customer Experience

Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Daniel Spitz, discusses his experience of working with Mopec to rebuild the Macomb County morgue.

Mopec's been great, not only in the constructions of the equipment, but also helping to design the medical examiner facility.

Daniel Spitz, MD., Chief Medical Examiner, Macomb Co., Michigan