Work station-Dual draft, Exhaust with Drain Chamber-48 – OE200

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  • Dimensions: 48″ (121cm) L x 29″ (73cm) D x 78″ (198cm) H
    Standard Features:
  • Ventilation: Provides down and back draft ventilation
  • Grid Plates: Removable Grid Plate Surface (3ea.)
  • Faucet: Fixture w/Swing Spout
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Magnetic Tool Bar
  • Bin: One Large/one small organizer bin
  • Shelf: Adjustable Shelf Unit
  • Light: Recessed Fluorescent Light
  • Ruler: Inch/cm ruler
  • Electricals: GFCI outlet
  • Back draft grill
  • Exhaust and drain chamber
  • Stainless steel leg frame
  • Electrical requirements: 115v- 60 hz – 1 ph – 1 circuit – 20 amps
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The OE200 is designed for laboratories with both space constraints and the need for maximum ventilation. This versatile, highly ventilated and compact, leg frame workstation makes the most of valuable floor space while ensuring a safe work environment. Equipped with Mopec’s advanced dual draft ventilation system, the OE200 pulls more specimen odors and off-gas away from your technicians no matter the conditions. Its leg frame enables positioning anywhere; it could easily serve as a stand alone unit or a secondary station in larger, busier, facilities that require additional work space to meet demand spikes. Digital image shown with options.



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