PathCam Imaging System

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Standard Features

  • 20 MP Quality Imaging
  • Auto Focus
  • 10x Optical Zoom
  • 12x Digital Zoom
  • Digital Output: Frames/Sec
    1920 x 1080p @ 25,30,50,60
    1920 x 1080i @ 50,60
    1280 x 720p @ 25,30,50,60
  • Max Fof V 28” x 36” and Min Fof V.185” x 1.85”


  • Mounted in hood and/or tethered and retractable
  • Measure distances and area in Snapshots
  • Grid tool: size biopsies and map structure location
  • Create system folders/files
  • Record independent voice narration
  • Record video files with or without voice narration


  • Windows 10 open architecture
  • Barcode reader compatible
  • Folders/files transferable to any OS system or network
  • Works with any Windows word processor or spreadsheet App.
  • Snapshots archived as JPEG’s
  • Voice narrations archived as WAV’s
  • Video recordings archived as AVI’s
  • Videoconference compatible with 3rd party webinar software


The PathCam Imaging System makes documenting professional, legal-quality images simple. The PathCam Autopsy & Anatomy Imaging System provides the positioning freedom needed to get close-up and full-body cadaver shots, from almost any angle. Included in this state of the art system:

  • PathCam with cables, mounted on light, wall, or stand
  • Conversion Box: to send camera signal to computer and monitor
  • Individual/multi-video view and record system integration

The PathCam System is available in three with three software packages: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

PathCam Basic Package

  • Operate PathCam controls: on/off, zoom, brightness, color and date/time/subject labeling
  • Stream video, capture snapshots, and archive snapshots as JPEG files
  • Barcode reader compatible

PathCam Intermediate Package

  • All Basic Features
  • Add graphic notations and measure distances/area in snapshots
  • Grid Tool: size biopsies and map structure location

PathCam Advanced Package

  • All Intermediate Features
  • Record voice narration independent of video and archive as WAV files
  • Record voice narration with video and archive as AVI files

Add-On Options for the PathCam Autopsy & Anatomy Imaging System include:

  • Washable keyboard and mouse
  • 21” 4K Touch screen monitor
  • 65” 4K Ultra-DTM (Glasses-FREE 3D) monitor
  • Retractable with PatchCam control on handle
  • Foot pedal PathCam control
  • Voice command PathCam control
  • PC with Windows 10: 1 on-board USB3, 7 USB2, 1 HDMI, and 1 VGA port (required and available for purchase)