Fume Exhaust Module with Filters – For Export – BF715

  • Dimensions: 12.375″ (328cm) Long x 9.875″ (22.8cm) High x 12.125″ (30.4cm) Deep
  • For Export Only
  • Powder coated electroprime steel construction
  • Includes Charcoal Filter, BF002
  • Includes Particle Filter, BF003



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The exhaust module is a fully self-contained air purification chamber. Vapor laden air is drawn and passed through a two-stage filtration system. Airborne debris is first trapped in the pre-filter, followed by hydrocarbon absorption in a highly efficient filter cartridge containing over 210 cubic inches of activated charcoal. Removal of incoming particulate matter by the pre-filter serves to protect the charcoal filter from prematurely losing its effectiveness due to clogging. Front access panel makes the disposable filters easy to replace. High-speed fan with on/off switch. Made for International use.


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