Freezer – Walk-In 6 to 8 Body – KE501


  • Finishes:
    1) 26 gauge corrosion resistant stucco embossed coated steel- interior walls, exterior walls, interior ceiling
    2) 26 Gauge smooth galvanized-ceiling topside, floor bottom side
    3) 14 gauge smooth galvanized- interior floor.
  • Box Description:
    1) (1) 48″(121cm) X 78″(198cm) Walk-in Door left-hand swing
    2) Includes door closer , cam lift hinges(one spring loaded), deadbolt key/padlock handle w/inside release, magnetic gasket, heater wire , digital thermometer, double sweep gasket & switch w/pilot light
    3) (1) Standard light switch ( In lieu of standard switch/thermometer combination)
    4) (1) 48″(121cm) Exterior Ramp, Stainless Steel With Non-Skid Strips Applied To Top. (25.5″(63cm)Deep)
    5) Square feet Of Super Floor Construction With .75″ Sub floor and Tubular Through-Panel Supports for Freezer (-20 Degrees Celsius)
    6) (1) Heated Air Vent For 4” Thick Panel (Installed in wall or corner Panel)
    7) (3) Vapor proof Light Fixture (Shipped Loose For Field Installation)
    8) (1) FASD350RL4-/-20 Degrees Celsius Operation, Low Temperature,Air Cooled,R-404A Refrigerant, Defrost Timer, Remote Refrigeration System, Scroll, Low Profile Unit Cooler, Meets CEC Requirements,208/230-1-60 Electrical.Condensing Unit Rack Overall Size Is 36.125″(91cm) Wide x 49.5″(124cm)Long x 25″(63cm)High. Unit Cooler Overall Size Is 15″(38cm)Wide, 49.5(124cm)Long x 25″(63cm) High.
    9) Unit Cooler Overall Size Is 15″(38cm) Wide, 81.5″(205cm) Long And 15.25″(38cm)High. Condensing Unit, 208/230-1-60 Electrical Requirements Are 39.3 Minimum Circuit AMPS And 60 Maximum Fuse Size. Unit Cooler, 208/230-1-60 Electrical Requirements Are 17.4 Minimum Circuit AMPS And 20 Maximum Fuse Size. Total System Electrical Requirements Are 41.3 Minimum Circuit AMPS And 60 Maximum Fuse Size. 5.57 EER Rating. (system capacity 14611 BTU’s/hour at 37.8 Degrees Celsius ambient temperature)
    10) Calculated load for Freezer (-20 Degrees Celsius) is 13107 BTU’s/hour calculated from 24 Degrees Celsius ambient temperature, 21.1 Degrees Celsius floor temperature 13 minutes open door time per 24 hrs for (1) 48″(121cm) X 78″(198cm) walk-in door opening into 24 Degrees Celsius ambient (normal usage)
    11) (3) 100 watt lights operating 8 hours per day, no occupants working in the room, no additional electrical load, and 875 pounds of cadavers entering at 24 Degrees Celsius to be cooled in 24 hours.
    12) All calculations are based on data supplied by ASHRAE publications.
    • Clarifications:
    1.  Price does not include taxes, bonding, installation, or freight charges.
    2.  Facility is responsible for field verification.
    3.  Carts and trays are not included.
    4.  Warranty: 18 month parts and labor, 5 year compressor, 15 year walk-in panel.
    5. Refrigeration units shipped unassembled. An assembly manual is included.

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    Mopec walk-in refrigerator insulated panels and refrigeration systems are manufactured as a system. Mopec walk in morgue refrigerators are designed to accept all types of Mopec morgue equipment. The panels are designed with cam lock latches for easy assembly and future expansion. Refrigeration systems are preassembled with all controls factory tested prior to delivery.

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