Autopsy Cart Top, Plastic Grey X-Ray – GA850

  •  Dimensions: 82.5″ L x 32.1″W x 5″ High (Maximum point)
  •  Material: Plastic, x-rayable body tray
  •  Can be used with cantilever rack storage systems (IA100 and IB100), as well as conveyor rack system  IE100 (maximum four tier high)
  •  Durable and lightweight
  •  Color: Grey
  •  Recessed channels for improved drainage of fluids.
  •  Includes a drain stopper and safety chain.
  •  Will fit on the following carts: DA000, DB000, DC000 and DF000 chassis
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The GA850 is a revolutionary, all plastic, x-rayable body tray that is designed to universally interface with any manufacturers complete line of autopsy carts and body racking systems. Constructed of vacuum formed ABS plastic, the GA850 is an incredibly durable and lightweight body tray that is ideal for any medical examiners office.


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