Corp!: Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots Companies Honored

Oak Park
“Our staff has extensive product and industry knowledge and understands how capital equipment and consumable products enhance the safety, flexibility and productivity of our clients’ facilities,” says Jane VanDusen, CEO of Mopec, which provides equipment to the pathology, anatomy, autopsy, mortuary and necropsy industries. “We continuously create and use innovative technology and stay current with the newest industry updates.” Mopec introduced the industry’s first touch-screen grossing station in 2015, which VanDusen expects will become the industry standard. Mopec, which was founded in 1992 and has 71 employees, is committed to growing and creating jobs in Michigan, she says. Blackford Capital acquired Mopec in 2013, implemented a board of directors and employed operating partners to support the management team and growth of the business.

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