Dissection Tables
HA Series - Dissection Tables
HB Series - Dissection Tables with Hinged Covers
HD Series - Dissection Dip Tank Table
HF Series - Dissection Stations
Bucket Holder
Custom Incubator Shaker Dissection Table - Includes Leg Frame.  Leg Supported to hold 200 pounds.
The Ventilated Autopsy Cart is used in conjunction with the Modified Wall Mounted Autopsy Sinks or as a simple viewing stretcher.  The cart elevates and/or tilts at both ends and is capable of a variety of positions. In the completely lowered position the table will be provided with a 1 slope toward the drain.  The body perforated grid plates shall support the body and be completely removable for easy cleaning.  The perforated grids shall also be provided and labeled accordingly to provide an even distribution of air flow.  The ventilation chamber shall also be provided with a U shaped rinse system that will help eliminate accumulation of debris during use.
Custom Dissection Table with JC101 Modified Body Tray ~ Dissection Cart for Whole Bodies - Designed to Support via Roller, the JC101 Modified Body Tray.
HA200 Modified
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HA and HB Series Dissection Tables, HD100 Dissection Tank. HF Series Dissection Stations